Exige S 2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

Exige S 2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

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What's an SDCP? It's a Silenced De-Cat Pipe! 

More power = more NOISE and these days you might need more than one silencer to help meet noise limits. Save your expensive catalyser from track abuse and fit this SDCP to your 2bular 4-1.

It has a unique internal design with no packing materials to burn/blow out. Borrowing from modern firearm silencers, I use different sizes of chambers with different angled baffles to allow noise cancellation of a broad band of sound frequencies. The more revs you use, the better it performs! It is still a straight-thru design and there is no loss of power. If you just have an empty chamber, the gas-speed is slowed dramatically - and that definitely affects power output. People who just drill out their catalysers and run with an empty shell don't realise the damage they're doing to engine performance. Gas-speed slowed right down affects the scavenging effect at the exhaust port - not good.