Exige 380/Evora 4** Valved ROAD system

Exige 380/Evora 4** Valved ROAD system

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    You need the 3"dia (76mm) pipe to connect to existing 3"dia (76mm) pipe off the factory downpipe flexy section. You use the (surprisingly effective!) factory clamp to join the two as before. I maintain the renowned 2bular quality using TIG-welding throughout and employing a V-band connector between link-pipe/system. The tailpipe module also uses a V-band connector to allow adjustment in the diffuser exit.

    Be aware the factory system has the motor breathing through a 1 7/8"dia pipe when the exhaust valve is 'closed' - all to help clear the EU drive-by noise-test - a performance exhaust it is not.

    Take a good look - there's nothing else on the market like a 2bular exhaust. We were first with the 70mm bore valved exhaust. The only manufacturer offering 100mm diameter Carbonfibre tips - and the only one with a 100mm diameter Titanium option. 

    On the 3"dia (76mm) factory system, you lose a LOT of power when the valve is opened. Boost drops with that big bore - and to me the factory exhaust sounds like a burst drain. The 2bular system has a much better/smoother sound IMO - still LOUD when that valve is opened - but you don't lose power because the boost doesn't drop. 


    You need a non-valved, quieter system for that task - see our "QP Track" system details.

    EXPORT PRICES (No VAT charge): 

    TITANIUM TIPS ................. 1492 .00GBP

    CARBON TIPS .................. 1480 .00GBP

    STAINLESS TIPS .............. 1415 .00GBP