Exige S 2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & Test Pipe

Exige S 2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & Test Pipe

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For Track/Race cars with the MP62 supercharger requiring best power and torque and best NOISE!

This stepped, 48mm 4-1 manifold has 3 different diameters in its layout.

45mm, port-matched to the cylinder head to maintain gas-speed - for best torque - stepped up to 48mm and into a fully merged 4-1 collector for maximum power at the top-end. All TIG-welded. No squirt-gun mess.

The merged 4-1 collector (fully-welded - no leaks/no springs) is beautifully formed - no squashed pipe on a 2bular manifold/header! It helps improve gas- flow characteristics and runs into a 63.5mm final section matching the diameter of the system. If you're looking for the BEST - you've found it.

Power increase of over 25bhp and torque increase of +18ft/lbs with ECU tuning.

The De-Cat/Test Pipe is best for power and is routed well away from the clam. Flexibility is provided by the well-proven cup/doughnut gasket fitting.

With ever-increasing power outputs approaching 300bhp and over, this design is well able to handle the stresses and increased gas-flow.

This has to be the most popular supercharged 2ZZ-GE 4-1 manifold in the world - demand is relentless!