Exige S 2ZZ-GE De-Cat/Test Pipe

Exige S 2ZZ-GE De-Cat/Test Pipe

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EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 198 .25GBP

An all-stainless, lightweight (1.2Kgs) test pipe to replace the catalyser.

The 2bular design bolts to the OEM header/manifold flange and finishes at the same position to the system as the OEM pipe. The revised layout keeps the pipe well away from the clam.

The gasket cup is TIG-welded to the flange which keeps the springs the same working length as the standard and ensures a strong, gas-tight connection.

The conical reducer brings the pipe to the correct 2.5" (63.5mm) - any larger and you're losing gas-speed/performance.

One week delivery time