70mm Valved Track System

70mm Valved Track System

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    Okaaaaay - so UK trackday enthusiasts have to meet the toughest noise/db limits in the World.

    I promised I wouldn't use an exhaust valve on a Track system but I can understand the attraction. This system weighs 15.5Kgs with all the extra pipework and the increase in physical size of the silencer itself to accommodate those all-important resonance chambers. There are TWO totally separate exhaust paths through the silencer. It is a complete PITA to build - but if it were easy, anyone could do it!

    Track use is abuse. I decided to move the exhaust valve to a less vulnerable position - AFTER the catalyser AND the silencer. Some energy/heat removed from the exhaust gases. i.e. The way all the supercars have it. The vacuum hard-pipe is easily re-routed to the right hand side of the exhaust bay. Placing a rotating mechanical device millimeters from the 800C. exhaust gas-flow of the catalyser on a supercharged 3.5Ltr V6 is madness - might as well try to mitigate those stresses as much as possible!


    Initial feedback said the system was TOO QUIET - valve 'open' OR 'closed'! So, I re-designed it. Now, when the exhaust valve is 'closed' (or at low revs) - the car sounds like it looks! When the exhaust valve is 'open' it is approx 95dbs - fit the tailpipe add-on silencers and you're down to approx 92dbs. The valve operates the same as standard.

    Anything else? I'm not charging you 4,200 :00GBP + vat for a noise-compliant exhaust!

    Demand recently has been from owners who have already fitted an aftermarket catalyser so I have to use a slip-on connector at the catalyser pipe instead of my usual V-band flange. That pushes the pipework to the rear and necessitates a bit of work to bring it back into the silencer!

    100mm diameter Carbon tailpipes supplied with this exhaust.


    EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 1998 :00GBP