QP system for tuned non-2bular installs

QP system for tuned non-2bular installs

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    So an aftermarket tuner has given you some extra bhp? But more power = more NOISE! You would like to enjoy all those extra horses on track but the decibel limits are strict and their exhaust is just waaaaaaaay too NOISY! If you want a track-friendly exhaust which won't cost you 20+bhp only 2bular can help you. The 70mm 2bular systems on the supercharged installs are good for up to 550bhp.

    Buyers (and well-informed owners) will know that I use a V-band at the catalyser/link-pipe connection but here is my solution to allow the slip-on pipe section used by other people.

    Early V6 S cars or 350 models use a 2.5"dia (63.5mm) slip-on. Later 380/400 series cars use a 3"dia (76mm) slip-on. The entry pipe from the exhaust valve fits to the rear edge of the factory (or aftermarket) silencer. I have to bring the entry pipe to the MIDDLE of the 2bular QP silencer. Select your weapon of choice in the box below.

    Given that you will already have a catalyser fitted, you won't be able to fit the extra silencer which I like to use in that position. Saves some pennies but I have extra work to do on the 70mm link-pipe up to the middle of my QP silencer! I use a V-band at the silencer entry just to allow a little bit of adjustment (if required) to line up the slip-on. A stainless clamp is supplied to fit that part.

    You will need the 350mm long, stainless 2bular add-on silencers for track-use. These are supplied with the QP system.

    EXPORT PRICES (No VAT charge):

    2.5" (63.5mm) slip-on ............... 1380 .00GBP

    3" (76mm) slip-on ..................... 1398 .00GBP