2-eleven 2ZZ 48mm Manifold + SDCP

2-eleven 2ZZ 48mm Manifold + SDCP

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This 2bular 48mm 4-1 manifold has come out on top in independent dyno testing. With the correct bore, stepped primary pipes feeding a proper 4-1 merged collector, a high-speed gas-flow is maintained to make sure you have every bhp, every ft/lb of torque available on track. 

All 304 Stainless construction, using a 10mm thick head-flange, TIG-welded and fully sealed, no slip-joints/springs to cause CEL's (Check Engine Lights) means a strong, integrated unit for reliable race track use.

With UK circuits imposing very strict noise limits these days, it's a wise move to fit a silencer in place of the catalyser. The 2bular SDCP (Silenced De-Cat Pipe) copies modern firearm silencer/suppressor design using concentric chambers and reflection techniques to reduce exhaust noise by approximately 5dbs. There are no packing materials to burn/blow out! This a zero-maintenance exhaust silencer.

I use a donut gasket/springs for a degree of flexibility but held by M10 stainless bolts - not just small diameter springs. A crushable gasket is provided for the cylinder head/manifold join.