15/04/2022: A Bank Holiday week-end! 4 long days of metal-bashing/TIG-welding the huge back-log of 4-cyl QP H2 systems.                           No shipping and no deliveries to worry about. No phone calls, no txts, no WhatsApp messages etc etc - absolute                          bliss. Living the dream ;-)

01/02/2022: Glad to see the back of January!! Hope these storms subside and power/phone/internet are re-instated at the                                workshop asap.

21/01/2022: The new year has got off to a heck of a start! I cannot take any more orders for January delivery.

19/01/2022: SHIPPING! Ok, started again today (UK, Poland and USA destinations) - after the shambles from 15th December                            onwards. We'll see how it goes.

18/01/2022: NEW WEBSITE! 


10/02/20121: My birthday yesterday! No problem getting older but not good taking a day off! Another snow-dump overnight so let's see if I can get to the workshop. Shipping is still chaotic.

03/02/2021: Hallelujah! Orders despatched early January are now being delivered to some of my French customers. I became aware that the LARGE boxes I use to ship my exhausts were causing real problems for shipping firms and it's only now that I can book 'some' consignments at a 'reasonable' price.

A consequence of all this on-line purchasing worldwide is the price of cardboard has sky-rocketed! I only use double-skinned REAL cardboard - not re-cycled materials. Shipping costs will be amended.

30/01/2021: Deliveries to Germany are happening - but not to France. ok - one got through but it was a small box! Further over-seas bookings are not being accepted at the moment.

05/01/2021: New Year - same old, same old. No bookings being accepted for shipping anywhere. Not even Parcelforce!! All my EU bookings cancelled before Christmas. Must be some back-log. Hopefully things will improve ASAP.

20/12/2020: Early start this Sunday morning as I plough on till Christmas Eve! A lot of EU orders to clear before Brexit. Apologies to my patient(!) UK customers.

04/12/2020: Usual shipping issues around this time of year - but 10 times worse in this year of the pandemic! 24hr deliveries to UK addresses taking 5 days! Found myself dashing around Aberdeenshire yesterday hoping to find a driver with room in his van to take the BIG V6 silencer box! Won't be doing that again.

09/11/2020: I have a queue of impatient 4-cyl owners waiting for my solution to their NOISE issues on track. 2ZR mostly, some Honda conversions. More power = more NOISE! The twin-chambered V6 exhaust oval silencers (H2's) I build work very well and I have a round H2 silencer for the 4-cyl guys. V6 owners need add-on silencers and so will a lot of the 4-cyl owners. This week will be concentrating on them.

02/08/2020: Sunday morning - 7am. Metal-bashing/TIG-welding. Love it - but can't wait for the 15th ;-)

31/07/2020: Had enough of 90+hr weeks!

2bular will be closed from 15th - 30th August for a Summer break. Back in the workshop 31st August! Orders already placed will be shipped by the 14th August.

10/05/2020: Right - I've taken today off from metal-bashing/TIG-welding to 'try' and catch up with all the messaging on IG/FB and the e-mails through this website! Please try again if you haven't received a reply - thank you!

18/04/2020: Umm - there's a lot of people sitting at home ordering 2bular exhausts.

Which is good (of course) - many thanks to everyone! Demand is right across the board, right across the World too. 1ZR/1ZZ right through to Evora GT's in the USA. So it's business as usual in these strange times. Most of my suppliers are continuing to work too so it's long days and week-end working. Nothing new there then.

E-mails! Not happening at the moment and I'm sorry if you haven't had a reply yet. Priority is getting these orders out the door asap. Shipping has been a bit hit-and-miss but getting better.


At the present moment, I am operating as normal i.e. long days and week-end working! 2bular demand is very high and I intend to carry on carrying on. The shipping firms I use for UK and Overseas deliveries have confirmed that all shipments will proceed as normal until further notice. Thank you to all my customers for their continued support and patience!

14/03/2020: 'The Streisand Effect" - are you aware of it? Originated when the Barbra of that name attempted to silence a business. The more she tried - the more successful the business got.

2bular is banned on the Seloc forum - my sales go up. 2bular is no-platformed on the American LotusTalk forum, my US sales go up - a LOT! 2bular is no-platformed on TLF - my V6 sales rocket! The more they try to silence me, the more successful I become - thank you to the moderators on those forums!

I'll have more to say on forum moderators and their allegiances here shortly -

There is also a '2bular Effect'! Occasionally I delete some products from my website. e.g. the K-series 4-2-1, the H2 thru-diffuser systems, the TVS1320 4-1 manifolds, Honda conversion manifolds etc. I have been severely pestered recently for ALL of these designs and so yes, I will re-instate them asap.

07/03/2020: Fair to say the V6 world has gone a little bit crazy for 2bular exhausts! Fascinating to deal with different countries and their different NOISE requirements. I'm shipping a couple of very noisy V6 supercharged systems to the USA next week. Even some UK owners are avoiding trackdays and ordering what I would call noisy exhausts! Not as LOUD as those USA orders but it's pleasing to build an exhaust that doesn't have to meet a decibel limit. Only 2bular has several different exhaust systems for both N/A and supercharged installs. Only 2bular designs and builds the Lotus exhausts it sells.

02/02/2020: R.S.I. Repetitive Strain Injury - got one! Very painful and yes, it is holding up production at a very busy time. Total rest advised - like that's going to happen! Ploughing on - just means longer days. Thank you for your patience.

14/02/2020: Happy Valentine's Day from Mr. Valentine!

09/02/2020: Happy Birthday to me! A week-end off - not the best idea but the family is happy. Cleaned out of V6 EPK's again. A very popular fitment and so glad people listen and understand when I tell them how bad those factory manifolds/catalysers are! Let's face it, you're not going to get this information from a Lotus 'community partner' are you?

10/01/2020: Happy New Year! yadda yadda yadda. I've never had a quiet start to a year, so this is no different from other years but I had hoped to squeeze in a visit to the Autosport Show in Birmingham, having missed Essen! Ain't happening. When are these electric cars coming?!

28/12/2019: My fb admin guy has moved on from the Lotus world and he reckoned I should have the full fb experience! Joe Taylor advised me to get on Instagram - did both!! How mad is that?! Anyway - have a look if you're interested.

27/12/2019: Huh - so much for the quiet run-up to the holidays! Essen trip cancelled. 14-16hr days to TRY and keep up with the orders coming in (no chance!). Shipping was good up till the 20th - better than previous years. I had Christmas Day off. Back in the workshop yesterday to wrap/pack exhausts as I can get orders shipped today (so I'm told - we'll see).

16/11/2019: Looking forward to our visit! - fantastic, eye-opening show of everything you need for your performance car.

30/10/2019: Does anyone on the Seloc or TLF forums actually know anything about the exhausts available for their cars?

Unless they've visited 

Case in point; does anyone remember the big splash on those forums about the new Lotus Track exhaust? A re-packable design with very exact claims made about db levels - an expensive piece of kit! All over Seloc and TLF - gone the next day! Even Hofmanns (I know) displayed it on their website. BUT(!) - that expensive piece of kit has disappeared without trace or comment.

Dear reader, I bought one - see here for my report -

16/10/2019: 2bular workload would kill a horse! Not killing me but it's killing my TIG-welding machines. This past three weeks has been ................ challenging. Full compliment of machines up-and-running now but back-log has grown again.

Recent comment: "Problem with you Jim is, you have no competition" - Whose fault is that? 

Thank you for all the recent communications congratulating me on entering my 15th Year in the Lotus exhaust market. 

The popularity of to grow.

29/09/2019: Joe Taylor wins at Silverstone!

Running the 2bular 48mm 4-1 + SDCP and ECU supplied by

Means best power and torque for your 2ZR motor.

27/08/2019: Shipping - no collections, no deliveries - must be a Bank Holiday week-end!

16/08/2019: Fantastic result by Joe Taylor Racing! -

01/08/2019: Entering the 15th year of designing and building my own exhausts exclusively for the Lotus Elise/Exige/Evora platforms.

20/07/2019: Catch up on the latest info on Trackday exhausts!

14/07/2019: Fantastic performance by

at Spa! Much more to come from the Elise Cup!

01/07/2019: Bought a new Lotus Evora/Exige 4** series and wonder why you can't meet the UK trackday noise limits? Check out this page -

getting a LOT of hits these days!

30/06/2019: With no NOISE/db limits to worry about, the clever race teams in the Lightweight 2bular system! 9kgs, zero maintenance, no packing materials to worry about - just a great racecar exhaust sound.

29/06/2019: 2bular clients are helping this firm - their new stand-alone ECU's.

Joe Taylor is racing his Elise 220Cup. His adventures can be followed here -

If it wasn't for some chocolate wheel studs he might have had a better result at Croft! -

A 2bular client with a 260Cup (and air-conditioning) is also on the RRR dyno - more information soon. Supercharged V6 with full 2bular system next. Firmware changes to later cars out of Lotus mean that re-flashes/re-tunes are ................ difficult. An RRR ECU will help optimise power and torque when changing to a manifold/downpipe/performance exhaust - and no CEL's!

28/06/2019: CATALYSERS! Buy cheap - pay twice (or more!).

Check out my latest guide to these exhaust components -

The rare metals used in the catalysing process, Rhodium, Platinum etc are not cheap. There's a reason that aftermarket catalyser you're looking at costs buttons. It doesn't have much weighting of those metals to actually do any catalysing! 

Actually - some of them are very expensive for what turns out to be a useless piece of exhaust. My local MoT station tells stories of enterprising motorists buying cheap e-bay cats and welding them into their exhaust. New catalyser - still can't pass an emissions test!

If you HAVE to pass an emissions test, if you want a reliable and efficient catalyser, you must fit HJS. 

17/05/2019: Outrageous demand for all the 2bular exhausts - K-series to Exige 430. Shipping: I've said this before - if I could personally deliver every exhaust I build, I would. The local UPS franchise has gone bust. Back to Parcelforce for the moment - not looking good tbh. Phone: new phone - new Sim but same number. EE made a complete horlicks of the whole thing. Must admit with no phone calls to interrupt my day, things went very well in production. Almost cleared the 4-cyl orders, back on the V6 jig tomorrow and all next week. (hate to hear a grown man cry).

05/04/2019: Well that was a day and a half! On the V6 jig up till lunch-time. S1 K-series jig all afternoon. Then the 2ZR jig to finish the day with. Need to stay on this jig for a few days to clear the back-log (sorry guys!).

03/04/2019: 2bular Vs Andrew Betts - sole director of The Lotus Forum On Line Ltd. It's gone legal now so no further comment. check it out!

11/02/2019: It's been late nights and week-end working since returning after the holidays!

The message is definitely getting through. If you run a supercharged V6 - you need a 70mm exhaust. It's 63.5mm for the N/A guys. If you want an aftermarket catalyser, it has to be the HJS designs. If you run a supercharged 4-cyl motor, you need a stepped 4-1 manifold with a merged collector. 

If you run an N/A 4-cyl, you need a 4-2-1 manifold. Only 2bular offer all of these options to the Lotus world. Hence the late nights and week-end working! Living the dream ;-)

24/12/2018: I never have a 'quiet' time at 2bular. I ship over 70% of production overseas, so there's always someone, somewhere wants a 2bular exhaust! I could work 365 days a year and it wouldn't be enough. Heh Ho.

Somehow, the 70% overseas figure was reversed this last quarter. It became 70% UK sales! Mustn't grumble ;-)

A Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all my customers and agents! Back to work 3rd January, 2019.

04/12/2018: Well, the nights are drawing in and the temperatures are falling. Time to throw another TLF newsletter on the fire and snuggle up. However, demand for 2bular exhausts during October/November was exceptional so it's going to be a very busy December! E-mails - hopeless - sorry.

11/10/2018: New website under development. Time, time, time.

12/08/2018: OK - another week of 18hr days, THEN I'm going on holiday. Coming attractions?

1/. TVS1900 charged-cooled supercharger kits. 

2/. Super-quiet V6 exhausts for the UK trackday enthusiasts. 

3/. Stainless name/model tags for each 2bular exhaust design. Owners know that only 2bular build specific exhausts for each motor. Being asked a lot now if the used 2bular exhaust offered for sale is the right one for their car. Glad the message is getting through!

29/07/2018: Always happy to entertain the Seloc massive! There's seldom any certainties in life but here's three; 

Never again will a Seloc moderator delete a thread criticising a sponsor. 

Never again will we see a gagging order(!) imposed on a customer by a Lotus aftermarket supplier! 

Oh - and never again will one of my competitors buy up an un-used 2bular domain name and use it to divert enquiries to his own 'site.

20/07/2018: The new Rev2 70mm valved system for the supercharged V6's is in demand! From Stuttgart to Singapore, from Austin Tx to Australia - the whole World wants this exhaust. Rev 2? Different internals, double-skinned silencer body, small change on the exhaust valve itself, 3-rod hanger bracket layout and my favourite - a V-band connector on the tailpipe module. Still the only manufacturer who uses 100mm diameter tailpipes. Still the same manic howl at full throttle (you only get the scream when you ditch the factory manifolds/headers). Imbecile of a moderator on TLF calls it "anti-social" - good enough for me ;-)

23/06/2018: Interested to read the new "Absolute Lotus" magazine! Will make a change from the Porsche/Ferrari dominated market. Must be over 20 years since I had an advertisement in a print magazine but I was beaten into submission by Karen ;-) Certainly don't need the work(!) but always exciting to see your business advert when you open a new magazine with that freshly-printed smell.

TVS1900 conversions: Not quite convinced of the need tbh and I'm hearing some experiences haven't been great. I'll have more install information/guidance etc with before/after dyno-graphs - all in short supply at the moment it seems.

04/06/2018: Apart from the demand/sales through the website, some of you will know I have to supply an ever-increasing Lotus dealer network. The factory does not carry any OEM-fit catalysers and the 2bular options with their HJS catalysers are extremely popular. Mainly because they actually work(!) and I try to supply them asap. Doesn't help my every-day timetable but I hate to hear a grown man cry.

Demand for 2bular exhausts continues to grow - no big surprise as I'm the only supplier to cover all the different models with all the different systems from NOISY to quiet and of course, performance manifolds for the N/A (4-2-1 designs) and the supercharged (4-1 designs) models. I even have 3 different 4-1's for the 3 different 2zz superchargers.