07/12/2023: It's been a busy year! Same as every other year! I'll be glad to see the back of it. Too many Covid issues and too many shipping disasters. Looking forward to the holiday period when I can R&D the other Emira exhausts and also the under-frame Honda manifold!!

14/03.2023:  Initial thoughts on my first look at the factory Emira exhaust? The big '3rd Cat' has re-appeared.  Going by the heat-staining on the shiny muffler, the tailpipes are fed from a central chamber - so, not a straight-through design when the electronic exhaust valve is 'open'. Combined with the factory log-manifolds and their integral UTC (Ultra Thin Catalyst) no wonder the car 'runs out of breath at the top-end'.

03/03/2023:  Got my lungs back  - at last! Pure oxygen, strong antibiotics and steroids (ugh!). A LOT of catching up to do and somewhere in the midst of all that, the new Emira exhaust designs to develop. Living the dream.