A Covid delayed start to the new year! - just what I needed. I usually work through the holiday period and get a lot done with zero interruptions. Just getting back up to speed now and a large back-log to deal with! Shipping? Ha! - a nightmare.

03/03/2023:  Got my lungs back  - at last! Pure oxygen, strong antibiotics and steroids (ugh!). A LOT of catching up to do and somewhere in the midst of all that, the new Emira exhaust designs to develop. Living the dream. 

14/03.2023:  Initial thoughts on my first look at the factory Emira exhaust? The big '3rd Cat' has re-appeared.  Going by the heat-staining on the shiny muffler, the tailpipes are fed from a central chamber - so, not a straight-through design when the electric exhaust valve is 'open'. No wonder the car 'runs out of breath at the top-end'. An electric exhaust valve less than 2 feet from a 600C catalyser? Hmmm.