Elise S1 K-Series

Becoming a very collectable car now. Fit an all-stainless exhaust system, including the 2bular 4-2-1 manifold (new stock ready in March 2024), to enhance the performance of the K-series motor.

Make the car sound like it looks - with no drone.  The 7"diameter (178mm) system will meet 95db noise limits. Please let me know any tuning work carried out and I will build accordingly. I now use Euro 6 spec HJS catalysers on these installs - so many complaints about a.n.other's failed aftermarket designs!

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Road System - Twin 3" Tips

This 2bular exhaust is a STRAIGHT-THRU Road system for best POWER, for best NOISE.It has a 7"diameter silencer; that's fairly large on the Elise. The ...
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