The normally-aspirated 2GR-FE V6 motor isn't exactly endowed with sparkling performance, so anything that helps it to breath better will help!

The OEM silencer is the heaviest I have ever come across on a car - 23Kgs! Most dealers have removed it and fitted the Lotus Sport system to at least improve the soundtrack.

For hard-core enthusiasts, you need to tackle the restrictive OEM headers(manifolds) and downpipes and fit a large diameter 100cell catalyser further down the system.

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HJS HD 200cell Catalyser

So many of you are asking if I can supply one of these superb German catalysers to replace their UK-built ****** V6 exhaust catalyser which has failed...
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More Info/FAQ's etc

Early V6 Evoras had 12mm diameter hanger rod layout. They also had a 2 o'clock/ 8 o'clock orientation on the 2-bolt flange just after the downpipe fle...
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Valved Exhaust Conversion

I am occasionally asked to build one of these systems for the N/A motor. I don't have to pass a strict drive-by noise-test so I designed the silencer ...
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