250Cup 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

250Cup 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

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The 250Cup cars have increased power and torque and I designed a bigger-bore 4-1 manifold to help achieve even more!

It features stepped-primary pipes of bigger bore than the 220Cup 2bular 4-1 manifold. The step maintains a high gas-speed out of the cylinder head and their bigger bore copes with the increased power of the 250Cup cars. The hand-built/TIG-welded, merged 4-1 collector besides being a work of art, allows minimum turbulence at this critical junction, improving gas-flow without damaging the amazing torque produced by the long-stroke 2ZR motor.

Increased power means increased NOISE and I have squeezed the biggest Silenced De-Cat Pipe I could into the space available. 

The chambered design borrows from modern fire-arm silencer technology to reduce noise by another 5dbs at least. There are no packing materials to worry about - nothing survives inside a silencer placed on the end of a race 4-1 manifold!

A plain de-cat/test-pipe is an option if you are not concerned about NOISE and would like to save more weight.

If you are looking to race or trackday your 250Cup, 2bular has the performance exhausts for you. 

https://www.rrrengineering.co.uk/have been working with one of our clients who has the full 2bular system including the SDCP. Close to 300bhp has been achieved. More info on their stand-alone ECU for these cars very soon.