2ZZ-GE GT3-style exhaust system

2ZZ-GE GT3-style exhaust system

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Std 8"dia ............ 577 .70GBP

H2 version ......... 629 .88GBP

H2 + Add-on ...... 809 .52GBP

For tuned 2ZZ motors who need to keep the decibels down or who just want a quieter exhaust.

Several years ago, an 8"diameter (203mm) , 24" (610mm) longsilencer like this one would have been enough to meet all UK track decibel limits. Keeping to those dimensions, I now have to build in two resonance (noise-cancelling) chambers to further reduce those dbs. For REALLY tough circuits you can add an additional tailpipe silencer. Held by a V-band coupling for secure/gas-tight fitting. Crazy - but the UK is THE most noise-averse country in the World now.

Important to note that this exhaust is still a straight-thru design, so no back-pressure introduced or power lost. The tailpipe is held by a V-band coupling to allow perfect adjustment between clam and diffuser. It also allows fitment of the additional silencer at a later date if required.

Select below for SILENCER:

8" (standard size).Suitable for Road use only.

 H2. With 2 internal resonance chambers for below 95dbs.

H2+add-on. H2 silencer + the V-banded additional silencer.

This is the largest silencer I build. It has a central in/out core pipe so that the packing density is equal between pipe and silencer body. This makes for a better, more efficient silencer than the shorter, off-set design used for the 8" Thru-Diffuser/Oval Tip systems. PAY ATTENTION TO THAT LAST SENTENCE! READ IT AGAIN - TAKE THAT INFORMATION IN - THINK ABOUT IT!

Some USA customers have fitted this system behind the rear grilles after removing some of the heat-shielding, then cutting/trimming the RH grille for the tailpipe. OR, you can remove the rear grilles/number-plate plinth and use the 2bular PEK (Panel Eliminator Kit) to support the rear edge of the diffuser.