76mm Catless Engine Power Kit

76mm Catless Engine Power Kit

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 NO SDCP - 1756 .00GBP

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Not everyone needs the big HJS HD catalyser!

Remove those fragile UTC's (Ultra Thin Catalysts), fit the 2bular stepped-primary 3-1 manifold set + the 57mm downpipes with a 76mm Catless link pipe/de-cat pipe to fit to your factory 76mm system for THE most amazing sound out of the 2GR supercharged V6! No point in risking the big HJS HD Catalyser on track or race.This the ultimate conversion for the highest power and torque output achievable. Look at those 57mm downpipes in the middle image. Only 2bular builds these. They are equal length (very important!) with a proper 2-1 merge collector (not squashed pipe!) and a very short 76mm flexy to allow for engine movement. All TIG-welded to perfection. The whole design is SEALED - just like the factory set-up - no leaking slip-on joins with hose clips.

No need to worry about risking the catalyser on track - just best power and torque with an amazing scream to the exhaust note. You might get a CEL, you might not. Some of my overseas customers are running with no ECU tuning or CEL's - so it is possible - just not something I would recommend. The motor will run perfectly even with the CEL. If you want full control you should fit the RRR stand-alone ECU - https://www.rrrengineering.co.uk/ forget about re-flashes - on later cars, tuners haven't been able to crack the ECU anyway.

Better than any re-flash/re-tune, the RRR ECU gives full control over all the important functions and integrates with the factory sensors and dash.

Some UK 2bular customers are choosing this exhaust(!) - but it can be a bit too noisy for them so I have designed a 70mm Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) to replace the plain De-Cat pipe in this Kit. A unique 2bular design with features borrowed from modern firearm silencers. Straight-thru with no packing materials to burn out and a reliable 3dbs reduction in noise - NO POWER LOSS. The one in the RH image has been built to fit to the factory 76mm system so the final bend is 76mm diameter.


Supplied with all gaskets/fitting kits and the extended wiring kit for the re-located Lambda sensors.

Lead Time:  2 weeks