70mm non-valved Track&Road system for 350 series

70mm non-valved Track&Road system for 350 series

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A large (265mm x 135mm) x 610mm long silencer. A quieter version of the smaller/louder (200mm x 125mm) x 560mm long non-valved Lightweight system. You can still save weight (important for Track use) and you get rid of the exhaust valve and its associated pipework and packing materials (always advisable). This design is below 105dbs. If you addthe unique 2bular Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) AND the 2bular add-on tailpipe silencers you will be below 98dbs. If you want quieter than that(!) - you must fit the 2bular QP SYSTEM. The add-ons are not suitable for Road use. See the separate page for details on these parts.

A lot of internal handiwork on the silencer with its hand-rolled core pipe and 2 resonance chambers helping to reduce the noise and 100mm dia Carbon or Stainless tailpipes reducing the weight even more. ON THESE EARLIER CARS WITH THE SMALLER-BORE 51mm DOWNPIPES, THIS SYSTEM WILL BE 2db's QUIETER THAN THE 4** SERIES CARS WITH THEIR 60mm DOWNPIPES.

THIS 2bular EXHAUST COMES WITH ITS OWN DE-CAT/LINK-PIPE BETWEEN THE DOWN-PIPE FLEXY AND THE SYSTEM and is connected to the system with a V-band connector. GAS-TIGHT/SECURE - NO UNSIGHTLY LEAKS OVER THE ANTI-ROLL BAR HEATSHIELD. The tailpipe module, again using a V-band connector to the system, with its beautiful merge collector running below the big oval silencer is a unique feature that only 2bular uses on all its V6 exhausts - quality. 

THIS IS A STRAIGHT-THRU EXHAUST AND LOSES NO POWER COMPARED TO THE FACTORY SYSTEM. Check the dyno-graph comparing the 2bular 70mm with the factory 76mm - a small gain for the 2bular although I would have liked another run several hundred miles later after the ECU had adjusted for the higher boost of the 2bular 70mm system! But it's important to show that the 70mm bore is best for power and torque.

Tailpipe options of 100mm dia Carbon, Titanium or Stainless. Let me know your choice in the message box on the order from.