70mm valved exhaust for Exige V6S/350

70mm valved exhaust for Exige V6S/350

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The factory silencer on this install has two pipes at the inlet end - both 63.5mm (2.5")  diameter. The exhaust valve by-pass pipe and the main pipe to the tailpipe. I cut the silencer open because I'm always curious! See images for more info. When that exhaust valve is 'closed' the gases are guided through the by-pass pipe which is REDUCED inside the silencer body to 54mm. The gas-flow is then reversed through the two 38mm pipes. So far, so restrictive! All with the aim of reducing the decibels to help pass the strict EU drive-by noise test. When the exhaust valve is 'open' the gases flow straight to the tailpipe in a 63.5mm pipe. Some noise-reduction is achieved by using a perforated tube. 

Designing this 2bular valved system, I decided to keep both pipes straight-thru. The by-pass pipe using 63.mm perforated tube, surrounded by hi-quality Acoustafil ZT-1 packing material. It merges with the plain 70mm pipe just before the silencer exit which runs direct to the 2bular tailpipes. Valve 'closed' is almost as quiet as factory - no need to upset the neighbours! When the valve is 'open' - with a straight-pipe to the tailpipes - the exhaust note rises to a HOWL - very addictive.

THIS IS NOT A TRACK EXHAUST! Apart from it being waaaaaay too NOISY,  the silicone seal inside the little vacuum chamber distorts with the excess heat and you lose control of the valve. It's an easy fix swapping out the chamber but as I said - the decibels are too much for track-use. Great road-car exhaust though!

On the factory pipe, the exhaust valve bloc, along with its 50mm long slip-on section, pushes everything towards the rear of the car requiring an awkward kink back into the silencer. I wanted to straighten everything out so I use a V-band connector at the join of the 3rd catalyser (or plain link-pipe) and the valve bloc. Stops that ugly black gunk falling onto the shiny anti-roll bar heat-wrap!


Choose your 100mm dia Tailpipe Option - Carbon, Titanium or Stainless and let me know in the message box on the Order Form. Stainless is the LIGHTEST!

LEAD TIME: 2 weeks