2ZZ-GE 4-2-1 Manifold & Test-pipe.

2ZZ-GE 4-2-1 Manifold & Test-pipe.

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The N/A 2ZZ-GE is a typical Yamaha design, rev-happy but short on torque. Even Lotus recognise this and use a 4-2-1 layout with a split secondary pipe (bi-furcated was the term used) on their factory set-up. Unfortunately, that factory header/manifold is too short and too small a diameter (38mm!) to make best use of that feature.

This 2bular 4-2-1 manifold has a stepped-primary design - port-matched at the cylinder head and stepped up to 45mm to handle the gas-flow at the upper end of the rev range. Equal length primaries matched to equal length secondaries mean the best power and torque is achieved.

This whole design is specifically developed for the N/A 2ZZ-GE motor and is unique in its design elements.

Very high-quality - TIG-welded - all-stainless construction, using merged 2-1 hand-fabricated/TIG-welded collectors for best gas-flow control. I see so many manifolds with squashed pieces of pipe as collectors these days - very poor. Or the same manifold offered for the N/A motor AND the supercharged install - how does that work?! Sad.

"Yours is the only manifold we have tested for the N/A cars that actually works" - Daniel Koblitschek - Komo-Tec.