Elise 1.6 1ZR-FAE Exhaust System

Elise 1.6 1ZR-FAE Exhaust System

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    With the massive OEM system, the 1.6Ltr motor struggles to make itself heard up to 40mph - very boring (and embarrassing).

    I've seen Lotus dealers fit the HEAVY Stg1 system - (designed for the supercharged cars!) - to these cars simply because it has a twin-tip layout. Ridiculous - and it'll cost you torque because it's too big a bore. Sounds dreadful too.

    THIS IS A STRAIGHT-THRU PERFORMANCE EXHAUST. It is the only system on the market designed specifically for this car.

    It has the correct bore, which means you can achieve the best power and torque along with a decent soundtrack. Your car now sounds like it looks!

    For long journeys/trackdays, I recommend the 7" diameter (178mm) system.

    If you really want to enjoy your sportscar, the 6" diameter (152mm) system is the one! PLEASE CHOOSE YOUR OPTION IN THE BOX BELOW.

    There is no dronnnnne with a 2bular exhaust.

    Tip choice - slashed plain/slashed rolled.


    EXPORT PRICES (No VAT charge): 

    7"dia ...... 468 .00GBP

    6"dia ...... 446 .00GBP