Elise S 2ZR-FE 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

Elise S 2ZR-FE 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

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The 2ZR motor is NOISY and it has a habit of destroying the factory catalyser when used on track/race use.

This 2bular 4-1 manifold releases some serious power and torque gains. The unique design of Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) means there are no packing materials to burn/blow out and it helps keep you under the db limits. Your OEM Catalyser can sit safely in the garage. Deleting the catalyser triggers a CEL (Check Engine Light). The ONLY reliable way to get rid of that AND be able to re-tune the ECU for better fuelling etc you should have a chat with these guys - https://rrrshop.co.uk/collections/ecus

Combine these parts with the 2bular H1 muffler and you can meet some really tough decibel limits. Good for 260bhp power-wise.

If you are planning some SERIOUS upgrades in the quest for even more power (300+bhp) you will need the 2buar 48mm 4-1 manifold I offer for the 250 cars.

Supplied with the Lambda wiring extension and the gasket between cylinder head and manifold.