Elise S 2ZR-FE ROAD Exhaust System

Elise S 2ZR-FE ROAD Exhaust System

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    The long-stroke 2ZR is surprisingly vocal once you give it some revs!

    ONLY 2BULAR DESIGN AND BUILD A STRAIGHT-THRU PERFORMANCE EXHAUST SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED FOR THIS CAR. This means a great sportscar exhaust note making the car sound like it looks and no dronnnnnnnne.

    I can add a noise-cancelling chamber for further decibel reduction - tick the H1 (one Helmholtz resonance chamber) option below.

    The chamber is double-skinned to eliminate dronnnnnne and as usual Acoustafil ZT-1 packing material is used.

    For really tight noise circuits (below) 95dbs, you may need an extra tailpipe 'Add-on' silencer. If you want to try the H1 system on its own but would like to be able to fit the 'Add-on' at a later date, please make a note in the message box on Order page!

    All the pipework is TIG-welded for strength and cosmetics and I fit the same big oval tip as the factory exhausts.

    Joe Taylor Racing ran a whole season on the one, standard 2bular 8" Road system on his Championship winning car - 


    EXPORT PRICES (No VAT charge): 

    8"std .................. 492 .00GBP

    H1 chamber ....... 628 .00GBP

    H1 + Add-on ......  787 .00GBP   Shipping in extra-large box!