Emira 70mm De-Cat Pipe

Emira 70mm De-Cat Pipe

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The car is running a '3rd Catalyser' (and it IS a catalyser) and many owners have contacted me asking for this De-Cat Pipe as their first 'mod'. The final downpipe bend off the downpipe flexy section is 76mm diameter - same as the later supercharged V6 models (Exige and Evora). It's too big a bore, loses too much boost. I have fitted the 70mm bore pipework to some of the most powerful V6 motors with some serious modifications - up to 550bhp. There is a stub out of the 3-bolt flange on the factory downpipe and that slips into the Catalyser 3-bolt flange - which has an 80mm diameter hole. Please check the images.

I have already said 76mm bore is too big (slow the gas-speed down/lose boost) but keeping the de-cat pipe diameter to that 80mm bore is just plain lazy or ignorant about this (or any Forced Induction install).

So - a 70mm bore - actually speeding up the gas-flow for a short distance (tempted to call it a venturi!) won't do any harm and will probably do some good! We'll find out on the dyno shortly. An odd-looking pipe for sure with the 80mm swage at the 3-bolt flange and the 76mm swage at the other end to fit into the factory muffler. It's the only way.

Pipe is supplied with a copper gasket and fitting kit.