Evora 4** Series 70mm Valved System

Evora 4** Series 70mm Valved System

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A totally different internal silencer design compared to the factory system. The exhaust valve works exactly the same. When the exhaust valve is 'closed' the gas flow is through a standard perforated tube surrounded by Acoustafil packing material - not the Z-flow/restricted path like the factory layout. It is still a very quiet exhaust. Factory pipe diameter 48mm. 2bular - 63.5mm.   When the exhaust valve is 'open' the sound is ........... amazing. The gas flows straight to the tailpipes - no restriction/no sound reduction - amazing. Factory pipe diameter 76mm. 2bular - 70mm. Feedback has been hugely appreciative. My customers are always well-warned about the sound levels when you give it some welly. 

However, I can reduce the decibel count by adding a small resonance silencer ( a Silenced De-Cat Pipe - SDCP) in the link-pipe just to knock the edge off. Make a note in the message box when ordering if you require this part. Standard 2bular offering is a straight link-pipe which slips onto the 76mm factory downpipe.

Only 2bular offer 100mm diameter tailpipe options - Titanium or Stainless Steel. Note your choice in the message box when ordering.

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