Evora 63.5mm diameter non-valved system

Evora 63.5mm diameter non-valved system

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When we'd finished the R&D work on this car's manifolds & downpipes, the Lotus Sports system (the one with twin Titanium tips) was finished. All the packing had burnt/blown out and the owner was left with a LOUD/droning exhaust. 

I designed this system - weighing 8.5Kgs with the Carbon or Stainless tip option. 10Kgs with the Titanium tips (they have internal cones/pipework). Straight-thru pipework in the lightweight silencer, no packing materials to worry about. It is large enough to give a great sportscar sound but still be acceptable through town and is fine at Motorway speeds and above (e.g. Autobahn). The V6 howl is incredible!

ONLY 2BULAR DIFFERENTIATES BETWEEN THE N/A AND THE SUPERCHARGED V6 EXHAUSTS. 2.5" (63.5mm) for the N/A motor and 2.75" (70mm) for the SC'd cars. 

Definitely NOT 63.5mm for the early supercharged motor (lose power!) and definitely NOT 76mm (lose boost/lose power!)for the later supercharged installs.

This 2bular system is unique in the Lotus aftermarket. A small, oval silencer with no packing materials to burn out. IT IS SUPPLIED WITH ITS OWN DE-CAT/LINK-PIPE TO THE SILENCER INCLUDED IN THE PRICE. Connected by a quality V-band connector ensuring a secure, gas-tight seal with no leaks over the shiny heat-wrap around the anti-roll bar. The tailpipe module is also held by a V-band connector allowing perfectly angled fitment in the diffuser exit. Only 2bular supply 100mm diameter Stainless, Carbon or Titanium tailpipes (not 76mm - or the small oval tip from the 2ZZ cars!). 

Up to MY2010 cars, the orientation of the 2-bolt flange has the left-hand bolt almost hidden by the bend. Like the system in the images. Later cars have a 3 o'clock - 9 o'clock bolt orientation. Hanger rod ends are 12mm diameter - later cars have a 25mm bobbin on the end. I've seen cars with the early 2-bolt flange orientation and the later rod ends - and vice-versa! Please check before ordering!!