Exige 380/4** Quiet Performance Track Exhaust

Exige 380/4** Quiet Performance Track Exhaust

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H2 silencer with SDCP .................................... 1498 .00GBP

With tailpipe diverters ....................................  1566 .00GBP

With Tailpipe Add-On silencers .....................  1796 00GBP

The 3" (76mm) bore on the later factory V6 exhausts is too LOUD for any racetrack with a decibel limit. Many Lotus dealers turn to this 2bular QP track exhaust to help sell the car to a doubtful customer wondering if he/she can run his/her new car on track.

With a large, 24" long silencer incorporating twin Helmholtz resonance (noise-cancelling) chambers and packed with Acoustafil ZT-1 material plus a small resonance silencer (Silenced De-Cat Pipe - SDCP) fitted where the old '3rd catalyser' used to sit, this H2 system will be approximately 95dbs on the drive-by. Fit an aftermarket CAI (cold air intake) and you will be over 98dbs! 

I use quality V-band connectors between the small resonance silencer and the main box. No more unsightly carbon gloop dropped onto the shiny heat-wrap around the anti-roll bar! V-band connector on the tailpipe module to allow some adjustability on the tailpipe angle in the diffuser exit. Only 2bular use 100mm diameter tailpipes. The complete QP system is hand-built and TIG-welded.

Depending on your chosen favourite circuit, I would recommend fitting the tailpipe diverters at least. Pointing the decibels across the tarmac is a very effective way to reduce NOISE - can be up to a 3dbs reduction.

The add-on tailpipe silencers are necessary for the really tough circuits on noise e.g, Bedford/Brands/Thruxton etc. The 350mm long, 100mm diameter silencers have the same bore as the tailpipe merge collector - no back-pressure introduced! They are a slip-on fit and an easy swap-out from the standard tips. Reduces dbs to approx 90dbs. They are not road-legal - track use only!

100mm dia Tailpipe options are Carbon, Titanium and Stainless  - let me know your choice in the message box on the order form. Stainless is the lightest!