2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & Catalyser

2ZZ-GE 48mm 4-1 Manifold & Catalyser

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On a supercharged install, it's all about the supercharger. After all, that's why it's been added to the motor! Engine-driven, power and torque are there from low revs. Forced induction motors, whether Turbo or SC do NOT like back-pressure. But you can't just add a big-bore manifold and system and sit back waiting for the power and torque. What you DON'T want in the manifold are the lonnnnng primaries plus a secondary section (a 4-2-1 design) necessary in an N/A install. 

SC manifolds need to be shorter (in a 4-1 layout) - but not TOO short. A stepped primary, using a smaller bore at the exhaust port is good for gas-speed/torque but as the engine and SC accelerate, you need a bigger bore to handle the gas volumes. You must use a proper, merged 4-1 collector to smooth the gas-flow from the primaries into the final pipe - and try not to use sharp 90deg bends. Back-pressure is to be avoided. When we dyno'd this design, I was looking at the graph but it was mentioned that engine operating temperatures had dropped 10deg. Always remember that the SC is a parasite sitting on your motor. If you decrease the exhaust back-pressure, the SC has an easier life pumping air into the inlet manifold. Think of it like blowing up a balloon. If someone puts a half-brick on it whist you're blowing away, you'll soon become red-faced and overheated!

A short, well-designed and built 4-1 manifold will allow the SC to do its job much more efficiently. Looking at more mundane design features (but no less important IMO), the 2bular 4-1 uses a 10mm thick Stainless head flange to bolt to the cylinder head. Now that material LOVES to expand when heated - a LOT. So our head flange has expansion slots laser-cut into it to allow for this.

Always look for the design features shown on this 2bular 4-1 when comparing SC manifolds in the Lotus market. That 10mm thick stainless head-flange with its expansion slots. The stepped primary pipes flowing into the hand-fabricated 4-1 merge collector. No sharp bends. NO SLIP-ON COLLECTORS WITH SPRINGS. These leak and the ECU does not like leaking manifolds! CEL's guaranteed. The doughnut gasket cup held by M10 bolts and conical springs allows enough flexibility to cope with the excessive engine/transmission movement of the 2ZZ-GE install. Everything TIG-welded - no squirt-gun/MIG welding.

Only 2bular design and build a 4-1 manifold specifically for each of the Toyota 2ZZ-GE SC'd engines. Our MP45 4-1 (Elise SC) is different from our MP62 4-1 (Exige S) and we have a larger-bore 4-1 for the Harrop 1320 installs. No manifold can work to optimum on the three different SC's - there is no compromise on the 2bular.

Gains of over 25bhp and 18ft/lbs of torque can be achieved with appropriate ECU tuning. Forget about re-flashes - speak to https://www.rrrengineering.co.uk/about their stand-alone, plug-and-play ECU for reliable tuning.

A side-benefit is the most amazing scream from the exhaust note!

Catalyser: I use the German HJS catalysers for ALL my manifold/catalyser combinations. The firm is used as OEM supplier to all the Supercar manufacturers. This version is the highest spec Euro 5/6. A 121mm diameter, 200cell HJS HD (High Durability) directional flow design. It has heavy coatings of the precious metals used in the catalysing process and it means you will meet any emissions tests. Don't settle for less. Excellent performance and no CEL's! 

I always supply all the gaskets and fitting kits required for my manifolds.


Demand is always very strong for this product - this must be the most popular manifold/catalyser combo for the supercharged 2ZZ-GE!