Exige S2 2ZZ-GE Exhaust System (Normally Aspirated)

Exige S2 2ZZ-GE Exhaust System (Normally Aspirated)

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    The Normally Aspirated (N/A) cars certainly have the edge on exhaust sound over the supercharged cars IMO. Less power means less NOISE.

    For a "Road" car, the 6"diameter (152mm) is the best-sounding exhaust I make for the N/A Toyota-engine models! When the 2nd cam kicks in, the scream is sensational. 

    You can drive through town/suburbs with no problems - it's not an obnoxious sounding exhaust - and it doesn't dronnnnnnne at all. Be cautious if your car is your daily driver though. Also if you cover a lot of Motorway miles, steady-throttle is not the best use for this exhaust. You'd be better with the larger 7"diameter system. 8" has a great howl but is more discrete and would be ok for some UK trackdays.

    Big oval tip as standard - or you can spec the twin-tip layout. Just follow up your order with an e-mail requesting this option.

    EXPORT PRICES (No VAT charge):

    6"dia ................... 457 .00GBP

    7"dia ................... 468 .00GBP

    8"dia ................... 482 .00GBP

    Lead time of 2 weeks.