SDCP to Factory Manifold

SDCP to Factory Manifold

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    EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 332 .00GBP

    My track-proven Silenced De-Cat Pipe(SDCP) using modern fire-arm silencer design to help reduce drive-by noise at track.

    Using a series of mini chambers with different volumes and varied, angled baffles to enhance noise-cancellation characteristics. They also maintain a high gas-speed through the silencer - important for exhaust scavenging at the cylinder head. If you come across a SDCP with a large, hollow chamber be aware that's not good for performance. 

    This 2bular SDCP is zero maintenance! - no packing materials to burn/blow out and it is designed to withstand the excessive engine/transmission movement these cars are known for.

    The laser-cut flange, the doughnut gasket cup and the reducer to the correct pipe diameter - 63.5mm (2.5") are all TIG-welded into one strong unit. No-one else bothers to do this work. You cannot swage a 63.5mm diameter pipe out to the gasket cup diameter, so other firms use a larger downpipe, either 70mm or 76mm(!) - to the detriment of gas-speed and engine performance. No TIG-welding, just a loose flange. Very sad - very cheap. 

    This layout fits to the factory manifold flange and INCLUDES A NEW DOUGHNUT GASKET.