Honda Under-Frame manifold

Honda Under-Frame manifold

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EXPORT PRICE - No Vat Charge: With HJS HD Catalyser - 1494 .00GBP 

                                                         With De-Cat Pipe  -           1018 .00GBP

If you want to retain the boot (trunk!) you can't use the 2bular over-frame design. Giving into demand now with this under-frame layout. These days most people require a catalyser so that item had to be worked into the limited (very limited!) space available. I've gone for a stepped primary pipe design flowing into a proper 4-1 merged collector. No room for a flexy section so I've used the sprung donut gasket from my Toyota manifold designs. Placed the important 1st Lambda sensor before the join. I see so many Honda manifolds using slip-joins held with springs BEFORE the Lambda sensor - that's quite an ignorant thing to do. Leaking manifolds are definitely not a good thing.

Supplied with the main gasket between manifold and cylinder head.

Some overseas customers do not require a catalyser so there is a de-cat option. Select that option in the drop-down box.

IMPORTANT: Different aftermarket Honda conversion kits angle the motor differently.

This manifold fits easily with the CNC'd engine/transmission mounts from

Special order only.