INCONEL 4-1 2ZZ-GE manifold

INCONEL 4-1 2ZZ-GE manifold

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    INCONEL 625. The material used for F1 exhausts, Hyper-car/Supercar exhausts.

    With it's excellent tensile strength - superior to Stainless Steel - I can use thinner wall tubes to help save weight . Each tube is rolled from 0.9mm thick Inconel sheet, seam-welded and formed into this lightweight 4-1 manifold.

    It features the familiar 2bular 4-1 layout for a supercharged install. A stepped design, using 3 different tube diameters to maintain the gas-speed and minimise back-pressure, it allows maximum torque and power. The perfectly-formed, merged 4-1 collector controls the gas-flow, reducing turbulence and ensuring good scavenging at the exhaust port. The whole manifold is then fully Argon-purged and TIG-welded to perfection. Hours and hours of endless fun!

    Weighing 3.4Kgs, it offers a significant weight-saving along with increased performance. Another quality 2bular product - more designs to come in this fantastic material!

    EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 2285 :00GBP