Lightweight Road/Race System

Lightweight Road/Race System

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Although the 3-eleven is a track-oriented car, some owners wanted a lighter and LOUDER system than the factory supplied version. The silencer is a smaller/lighter version of the 2bular 70mm non-valved Track/Road system. The internal design is unique in the exhaust after-market with a hand-rolled perforated core-pipe and separate chambers to help with noise-cancelling tasks. There are no packing materials to burn/blow out - saves some weight and no need to re-pack!

Am amazing scream is generated by the silencer giving a real racecar sound - make some noise while you can!

Note your TAILPIPE option in the message box when ordering - Stainless is lighter - I have to add some internal cones/pipework to the Ti tips because using an open 100mm tip causes dronnnnne. 

If - IF - you find you might need more silencing for track use you can always add the 2bular Trackday Add-On Silencers.