V6 N/A Power Kit!

V6 N/A Power Kit!

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    There is no need for a Normally Aspirated (N/A) V6 Engine Protection Kit. I've never heard of an N/A motor destroying those integral catalysers in the factory headers. The higher-powered supercharged motors are a different level of stress.

    So this V6 Power Kit is just that. For more power, you need to remove those horrible log-manifolds and their restrictive UTC's (Ultra Thin Catalysers). During R&D, I realised the 2GR motor was not exactly a performance thoroughbred. Without fitting new camshafts to improve the cylinder head breathing, I looked to the longer primary pipes and a specific bore-size to help extraction of spent exhaust gases from the heads - scavenging and pulling in the next inlet charge. 

    Check out the 54mm diameter downpipe set. The bore is matched to the header diameter to ensure excellent gas-speed is maintained. Beautiful, swooping equal-length pipes and their hand-formed TIG-welded 2-1 collector (no squashed bit of pipe) for integrity and quality unmatched. Only 2bular manufacturers different header and downpipe sets for both the N/A AND the supercharged installs. Only 2bular offer the HJS HD catalyser to go with their V6 N/A headers + downpipes.

    A side-benefit of the 3-1 header + downpipe set is the amazing V6 scream from the motor - totally different from the strangled factory sound.

    It is not essential to re-flash/re-tune the ECU, it will easily handle these changes.

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