S1 Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP).

S1 Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP).

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Product details

I designed this SDCP using modern firearm tech. A series of concentric noise-cancelling chambers reduces decibels by approx 5dbs. There are no packing materials to blow/burn out - a zero maintenance product! Built on my S1 catalyser jig it bolts to the standard 3-bolt flanges in the exhaust. Fitting kit - nuts/bolts/gaskets supplied with this SDCP.

It's important to have some flexibility in the exhaust system. Not only to help absorb engine/transmission movement but also to cope with heat-expansion - Stainless loves to expand!

If you already have a flexy in the manifold/downpipes select 'no flexy' in the options box. Save you some £'s.


SDCP with flexy - 192 .00GBP

SDCP with no flexy - 164 .00GBP