Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP)

Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP)

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With trackday noise-limits coming down all the time, you may need an additional silencer to help meet them.

Placing another silencer in the link-pipe on the end of a performance manifold you have to understand the serious stresses imposed on it. It has no packing materials internally - they wouldn't last for very long. Using a riveted end-cap to allow re-packing means a weakened construction in a high-stress area. Been there, tried that, moved on now (others haven't). So a different silencing solution was required.

This 2bular SDCP is a fully-welded, all Stainless construction. It has NO packing materials to burn/blow out and will take any amount of abuse. It borrows from modern firearm silencer technology, using a series of mini resonance chambers and angled baffles to allow the sound energy to expand/reflect and cancel out a broad band of frequencies which can lead to failing the noise-test. 

With stricter noise limits coming in everywhere, it's becoming a very popular alternative to the plain de-cat/test pipe.

Lead time - one week.