V6 Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP)

V6 Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP)

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V6 supercharged installs have difficulty meeting some circuit decibel limits these days. The position of the old '3rd Cat' is handy for placing an extra silencer to help owners reduce their db output. Installs vary. For instance Exige 350 owners are lucky that I can fit an effective chambered silencer in place of their plain 63.5mm diameter link pipe (between downpipe flexy and main silencer). Later 400series installs have only a short space to fit a small chambered silencer slipping onto the factory 76mm (3") downpipe.

Some of my customers are pushing the envelope and looking at 500/600bhp! Already having my 70mm EPK fitted, one owner has decided to remove his HJS HD catalyser and fit a 70mm de-cat pipe + a 70mm SDCP as stand-by for noise-control! Image shows the muffler end with the 2bular 70mm V-Band connector.

Variations on a theme:  

If you have bought a 4** series 2bular QP system for your Exige 350 then you need a new link-pipe with a 2-bolt flange to the factory flexy pipe AND a V-band to the QP muffler. Select Option 2 for this one.